French Stickler – Top Notch Tips For Learning French

French Stickler – Top Notch Tips For Learning French

French Stickler – Top Notch Tips For Learning French


For many people, learning a foreign language can be a
slow process for a variety of reasons. Some have trouble with
memorization, while others struggle with comprehension.
Luckily for French language learners, there are numerous ways
to assist in solving both problems. Believe it or not, it is
possible to learn parts of a language without really trying.

There are simple solutions and small tips.
If you are having trouble with remembering your
vocabulary words, there are many easy ways to combat the
problem. One thing you could do is label everything in your
room, or even in your house, with the correct French word.

Then every time you open the door, you will realize that you are also
opening la porte. It is also good to adapt English games.

Play charades or pictionary using your French words.
Competition often brings out the best in peoples abilities.

Comprehension is a bit trickier to focus on, but it is
not a lost cause. The quickest way to understanding another
language is by first understanding your first language. If
you are unsure of what a noun is or how to use an adverb in
English, trying to do so in French could prove extremely
difficult. People often comment on how non native English
speakers know about English grammatical structure better than
Americans. Well, that is because they have learned and
studied the language more.

If you get tongue-tied easily, remember that the
quickest way to being able to speak in a foreign language is
to start thinking in that language. Listen to French music
when doing homework. When possible, find the lyrics to read
along with a song. Also, when watching a DVD, put on the
French subtitles. While most people will watch a movie in
French with English subtitles, almost no one can learn this
way. However, listening to English while reading the French
translation is not only less taxing, but much more helpful.

While it is not necessary to be consumed by the language, it
certainly helps to adjust a few small things in your
day-to-day life. To aid in this process, do little things
like setting your cell phone language to French. The same
goes for the settings on your television, if possible. Many
email servers can also be set to French. Switching daily
activities to French is not only highly beneficial, but it
also provides consistent learning opportunities with minimal


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