Mexico Ecotourism

Mexico Ecotourism

Mexico Ecotourism


Eco Friendly Mexico Destinations

Ecotourism – “The union between the Natural Beauties and Tourism”

Mexico, Mexico and Mexico…

How many times you hear people talking about Mexico? But why they talk so much about this Country? Because is wonderful and full of everything you have in mind.

All the states of Mexico differ greatly from each other, and not; Mexico is unimaginable places, secular trees, lush jungle, plants and flowers, thousand of animals of every kind and biodiversity, immense beaches, red hot sunsets, volcanoes, mountains, lowlands, islands and paradisiacal spots, music, history, colors, perfumes, flavors and tastes that you just can’t easily forget.

Biologists call Mexico a “mega-diversity country” because of its incredible variety and abundance of flora and fauna. The country is home to almost every kind of ecological habitat on Earth, making it the perfect destination for travelers interested in nature and the environment.

That’s why it’s so famous and so important for the world tourism.

As Mexico is one of only seven countries with mega diversity, nowadays Mexico is trying to develop in some of its travel destinations a new concept…the Ecotourism. Mexico offers plenty of options for travelers looking for adventure or eager to experience nature.

Over the last few years, the ecotourism concept’s popularity has blossomed and travelers that want to enjoy an Eco Mexico Vacation have different options to choose from.

Ecotourism means different things to different people. Sometimes, the word “Ecotourism” looses its true meaning because of misinterpretation and/or abuse of it.

Ecotourism is about conserving the environment and improving the well-being of local people. Eco tourism is generally understood to be responsible and sustainable travel to natural areas.

An ecotourism travel should mean minimizes negative environmental impacts and, where possible, makes positive contributions to the conservation of biodiversity, wilderness, natural and human heritage. It also means to respects culture and traditions.

TIPS – Remembers that small actions will help the nature to grow, not to decrease!

If you are concerned with the conservation of natural landscapes, you should consider the impact your activities will have on them.

The nature of Mexico offers the responsible traveler, a world of adventure and personal discovery.

For those who love nature, we have multiple options to immerse into a fantastic adventure full of new experiences, hear the sounds of the jungle, explore ancient sites, watch wild birds and colorful fishes and discover the many faces of nature, experiencing at the same time responsible travel.

Booking an ecotourism hotel in Mexico is one of the most direct and personal ways you can make a difference to some of the biggest issues affecting our world!

Mexico Eco Tourism Destinations

Tulum Riviera Maya

In the extreme south of the Riviera Maya, curled up between the white sand that draws the crystalline beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the exuberant tropical forest laysthe enigmatic Tulum. Eco tourism is hot and many travelers experience the novelty of these rustic hotels in Tulum Mexico. When a person thinks about ecotourism hotels in Mexico, associates the idea of something uncomfortable, sacrificing and unclean but this is not the truth. The small Tulum hotels found here focus mainly on ecotourism and sustainable development, and promote nature. Most of the hotels in Tulum use Aeolian and solar energy, cisterns for rain-water and most of them are involved in the beaches’ conservation and in the animals protection.

Tulum is one bastion against overdevelopment, a glimpse of the Yucatan as it once was.

The spectacular Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve offers a great chance to enjoy the real wildlife of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Isla Hol Box Mexico

Nature, comfort and style is the perfect combination for your stay in Holbox Island.
Beneath blue skies and palm trees, lulled by the sound of the waves and the scent of hibiscus, discover Mexican paradise at Hol Box Island. HolBox is full of nature and unexplored areas with colorful birds, wild dolphins and whale sharks, and it is where the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico meet. Holbox Island is still a paradise waiting to be discovered. It’s a very picturesque island with a typical fishermen village and several miles of white sand beaches that disappear into mangroves.

Each year the harmless whale sharks mammals come to the Yum Balam ecological reserve near Holbox Island to feed and mate in the months of May through October.

Places like Hol Box Island make us understand why we have to take care about the environment and respect nature!

Mexico Eco Tours and other destinations

Wildlife viewing is a part of the ecotourism travel philosophy; in fact, in some Mexican destinations you will experience some eco tours throughout Mexico. Some of these activities include Mexico rain forest tours, bird watching, river tours, jungle treks, nature walks, sightseeing, and much more.

The ecotourism attractions means watching the flora and the fauna in their habitat without modifying the natural balance, or visiting Eco parks involved in environment protection and regeneration programs.

Ecotours are daily activities and excursions for exploring the different sight of this amazing Country, and are all focused on nature watching.

The following is a list of eco activities and Mexico Eco Tours in different Mexican Spots:

Los Cabos Eco Tours

  • Monster Zips
  • Outdoor Adventures

Puerto Vallarta Eco Adventures

  • Marietas Snorkeling
  • Wonderful Waterfall Ride
  • Yelapa and Majahuitas

Riviera Maya Ecotours

  • Coba – Mayan Encounter
  • Contoy Island Kolumbus Tours
  • Nohoch Jungle Crossing
  • Xcaret
  • Xel Ha

Other important Mexican Ecotourism Destinations are:

Chiapas Mexico

Chiapas is a magical Mexican state with outstanding natural resources and abundant biodiversity…

Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca, known as “Tierra del Sol” or “Land of the Sun,” is a large, rambling state blessed with mountains, lakes, and miles of beautiful Pacific coastline.

Copper Canyon

In the Chihuahua State, Copper Canyon is ideal Eco and Cultural Tourism, it is an isolated area that pay respect to Mother Nature. The Land of the Tarahumara Indians

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, on the “Mexican Riviera” are considered two resorts in one. Enjoy a fun-filled day exploring the wonders of nature that abound in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo tropical paradise.

“Eco tourism is the marriage of an altruistic mission to an economic model! The union of mission and model produces sustainable tourism which is critical to providing hope for many species and ecosystems throughout the world. Encouraging and promoting responsible capitalism is essential if we are to maintain a viable, biologically diverse planet in the future.”
– Bill Wright –

Not only will you make a contribution to other people’s lives, you might just change your own.


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