Pamper Yourself At The Elegant La Katira, Mexico

Pamper Yourself At The Elegant La Katira, Mexico

Pamper Yourself At The Elegant La Katira, Mexico


Mexico is one tourist destination that is worth a visit. Located in Northern America, this country that lies between the United States of America to the north, and Belize and Guatemala to the southeast is home to the majestic crystalline range of block mountains that extend from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to the western part of Guatemala known as the Sierra de Madre.

With mountains that rise sharply from the coastal lowlands, to the west elevations that rise more than 9,000 feet, Sierra Madre is one Mexican tourist spot that displays nature at its best. At Villazzo’s VillaHotel La Katira, guests can totally experience the luxury of living in a hacienda-style villa on a grand scale. This magnificent estate is set right in the heart of the undulating acres of immaculate countryside of Sierra de Madre. The exterior of this property is strikingly-modern because of its rose-coloured facade, yet modelled on a traditional and Mexican equestrian ranch that provides ample stabling for its Quads and horses.

Its interior is enormous, with polished wooden floors, fireplaces, relaxing sofas, and easy lounge chairs. The large windows offer picturesque sceneries of forested hills. VillaHotel La Katira takes you on a romantic dining experience with its rustic-style dining room. The eleven bedrooms are tastefully done in Mexican furnishings that include three cozy king-sized suites, seven equally relaxing queen-sized suites and one room that has 8 single beds.

For that ultimate soothing experience, VillaHotel La Katira has an indoor gymnasium complete with top-of-the-line gym equipments, a swimming pool, a volleyball court, and a media room with the latest home entertainment technologies, all of which live up to the standards of Villazzo. With the villa’s great offerings, a superior Mexican travel is within reach.


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