BAGSMART Electronic Accessories Bag, 3 Layer Portable Electronic Organizer Travel for Cables, Extra Batteries, Adapters, USB Sticks, SD Cards, Black




Product Description

During your travel, business or daily working, small adapters and memory cards are easily lost, cables are quickly tangled, and fragile hardware is shamelessly broken by underwhelmed transport workers. If you find yourself awkwardly stuffing your hardware into a backpack, you can try BAGSMART cable organizer specially designed for your purposes.

Small but Smart, Keep Everything in Reach.

Three storage sections that feature special mesh pockets and skidproof elastic cord provide excellent flexibility to allow you maximizing its storage space. This is a perfect electronic accessory bag for managing different stuff ranging from SD card to powerbank. Looks small but actually practical.


A mesh pocket can fit kindle or powerbank or small hard drive
Use high quality skidproof elastic cord which is different from market
3 special SD card pouches to prevent your small SD card, SIM, TF card from missing

The Great Companion for Travels and Daily Life.

【Make Everywhere Your Office】

Keep everything you need organized, it is ensured that the devices you want to use are always at hand. Take it everywhere you go like a secretary.

【Durable Smooth Nylon Material】

The silky smooth feeling and the tightly stitched fabric is definitely appealing and practical, making this bag that has as much tactile appearance as it does visual.

【Take the Mess out of Travel】

Simple Design will become your best partner. No matter where you are, at the hotel, the office or at home – you have everything right at hand.

Size (inch)

9.4 x 6.7 x 1.4

9.4 x 6.5 x 2.6

13.8 x 10.4 x 1.4

10.8 x 8.3 x 3.7

9.2 x 4.9 x 1.8

10.2 x 7.9 x 2.4

Capacity Example

For cables, SD cards, small powerbank or small hard drive.

For cables, SD cards, hard drive, powerbank, 7.9″ iPad mini and other accessories.

For 13 inch MacBook air/MacBook pro, 14 inch laptop, 15 inch MacBook Pro(Max) and other electronics accessories.

For cables, large powerbank, large hard drive, charger adaptor, 10.5″ iPad and other accessories.

For cables, SD cards, small powerbank, hard drive and other small accessories.

For cables, SD cards, large powerbanks, large hard drives, chargers, 9.7″ iPad and other accessories.

iPad mini

can’t hold

can’t hold


can’t hold

can’t hold

can hold 12.9″ iPad Pro

can hold 10.5″ iPad

can’t hold

can hold 9.7″ iPad

No more mess – 3 layer construction with lots of straps and pockets for sorting different cables, USB sticks, 2.5-inch hard drive, batteries, adapters, etc tidy, keeping your handbag or backpack organised
Protection – water-repellent and sturdy material with interior padded foam to protect your electronic accessories better from dropping, moisture or dirty
User-friendly design – gumming on the inside of the straps prevents cables from slipping, double zipper opening for easy and immediate access
Space-saving – dimensions: 9.2″L x 4.9″W x 1.8″H Weight: 160g, thanks to the compact size, this electronics bag fits in a carry on bag or a backpack, without taking more space
Perfect for traveling – with a top handle to carry, keep all devices in one place neatly, no more panic unloading of kit at the airport security check-in


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