Foot Hammock Travel Accessories for Airplane and Office, Adjustable and Breathable, Reduces Swelling, Enhances Comfort, Increases Circulation




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foot hammockfoot hammock

Traveling is not only enjoyable, but aslo tired and sleepy, especially during the long journey on plane, train or bus.

Therefore, with a soft footrest to release your feet and then have a good experience on long journey.

This footrest can be used in your office and home. Worth your buying !

travel accessoriestravel accessories


Material : Nylon & Cotton
Size : Footrest: Approx. 39.5*24cm/15.5*9.5”
Adjustable Length : Approx. 72-123cm/28.3-48.5”
Bag : Approx. 15*18cm/6”*7”
Weigh t: Approx. 100g

airplane foot rest

airplane foot rest






Special design to reduce the lower back pain, stiffness and leg swelling suffered during long flights, very useful for lengthening your foot, swing your legs to relieve fatigue and refreshing arriving feeling.


Idea for travel home office airplane, work or relax time, just hanging it to the tray table or under desk. Enjoy it with the tray table up or down.


Just hang the straps on the arms over the tray table or other fixed object in front of your seat and place your feet in the footrest. It can be used Anytime Anywhere.

RELIEF: Whether you’re on a long flight or punching that time card at your office desk, sitting for long periods of time can cause havoc on your lower joints and lower back. By lifting your feet with our scientifically engineered office accessory, you’re able to raise your center of gravity from your lower extremities, helping to remove deep aches and pains from your lower back, as well as make circulation easier to your feet and toes.
CONVENIENCE: Weighing only 3.5 ounces and made of collapsible nylon and cotton, this necessary travel accessory is sure to fit in the tightest spaces within your carryon luggage or even within your stuffed office drawer at work.
CUSTOM FIT FOR ALL: There’s no worse feeling while flying with a neck pillow that doesn’t adjust to your neck length and the surface you’re leaning on. The perfect position always seems just out of reach, ultimately leading to a dreaded neck cramp. We learned from these common travel complaints of complimentary products and made our foot hammocks adjustable. Our triangle and strap design maintains support while providing adjustability so you can find the perfect foot elevation for your leg lengt
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our obsession. It’s your time to experience what travelers have been raving about, and all at a cost of your morning cappuccino. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the product after receiving it, simply send it back!


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