Longrich Pi Energy Alkaline Water Cup For PH Balance &Healthy Living New in Box


Longrich energy cup has Tourmaline stones and anions. This provides natural alkaline water once activated.
Tourmaline gemstone has a lot of benefits. Tourmaline emits far infrared radiation. Electromagnetic radiation in the far infrared range is able to boost the immune system and promote detoxification.
Tourmaline is powerful when your body is in need of detoxification. The far infrared rays created by tourmaline produces the same resonance in the body normally found in water. This form of resonance absorption helps relieve stress, increases alertness, stimulate circulation, and boosts the immune system.

Alkaline water has the following benefits –

1) Helps to neutralise body acidity for effective mechanism
2) Increased energy levels
3) Provides antioxidants to support overall health
4) Helps to maintain the body’s PH level.
5) It revives damaged cells, expels free radicals and prevents diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, asthma and heart diseases.
6)Helps detoxification
7) Supports fat loss
8) Reduces water retention
9) Improves circulation
10) Supports the liver and kidneys
11)Promotes a healthy mood
11) Helps eliminate toxic metals
12) Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids.
The product can be used for up to 25 years.