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venture nxtstop connectventure nxtstop connect

breathable face maskbreathable face mask


Allows moisture to escape and encourages airflow.

temperature regulatingtemperature regulating

Thermo Regulation

Maintains the base body temperature through moisture management, breathability, and being lightweight.

moisture wicking face mask black movementmoisture wicking face mask black movement

Moisture Wicking

Pulls sweat and moisture away from your skin and to the exterior of the fabric, making it easier to evaporate.

cooling face mask movement blackcooling face mask movement black


Wicks away moisture providing a cooling effect to your skin.

women's black face mask movement hot weather desert tropical coolingwomen's black face mask movement hot weather desert tropical cooling

Made for Hot (desert or tropical) Temperatures Greater than 80F / 27C

Dual-layer 100% Cool Ice recycled polyester naturally cools the skin.

Smooth inner layer for soft comfort plus enhanced moisture wicking / quick drying.

Superior breathability prevents fogging of sunglasses or eyeglasses. The Cool Ice fabric is stiff enough to keep the face mask out of your mouth during heavy breathing (one of the key reasons we chose it!)

running exercise fitness face mask cooling bluerunning exercise fitness face mask cooling blue

Sports, running, exercise (sweat-intensive activity)

Textured outer construction helps disperse heat and increase airflow during exercise,.

Our proprietary Cool Ice fabric is super lightweight and offers the highest breathability of any face mask we make. The fabric naturally cools the skin as your perspire, drys rapidly, and the textured outer layer dissipates heat to keep you comfortable while you exercise.

travel long trip face mask comfortable black men's women'stravel long trip face mask comfortable black men's women's

Long-haul travel (greater than 5 hours continuous wear)

Ultra lightweight

The mask is perfect for running, sports or any leisure activity, indoor or outdoor. Given the high breathability and moisture wicking features, the mask is especially well-suited when it must be worn for many hours in a row, such as traveling.

venture out travleisure nxtstop face maskventure out travleisure nxtstop face mask

Reusable and washable for up to 30-50 washes, wash cool with like colors using regular detergent in a normal washing machine (or hand wash) and lay flat to dry.
Cool Ice Recycled Polyester
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