SkinPro Sonic 3-in-1 System


  • Device 15.8 x 5.8 x 5.8 cm, ABS. Brush Cleansing Head diameter 4.77 cm, PP and nylon bristles. Silicone Exfoliating Head, diameter 5 cm, PP and silicone. Metal Massage Head 6.1 x 5 cm, PP and stainless steel.
  • Achieve beautifully clean, healthy glowing skin and a wonderfully pampered feel with the incredible SkinPro Sonic 3-in-1 System.
  • Powered by sonic technology, it cleanses, exfoliates and massages the skin for spa-like results in the comfort of your own home.


TREAT YOURSELF TO A HOME-SPA FACIAL TREATMENT – EVERY DAY AT-HOME SPA TREATMENT RESULTS – 100% AGREED* With a choice of three programmes and three attachments you can easily customise your facial care to take your daily skin care routine to an effective new level – and your complexion to its beautiful best.”my skin has never looked and felt so good”# The SkinPro Sonic 3-in-1 System features: Sonic technology device Purifying Brush Cleansing Head Skin-refining Silicone Exfoliating Head Toning Metal Massage Head Choice of 3 programmes: automated 60-seconds facial zone constant high intensity constant low intensity Convenient battery operation Practical storage/drying stand Size: 15.8 x 5.85 x 5.8 cm. Material: ABS.Purifying BRUSH CLEANSING HEAD Effective everyday cleansing for exceptionally clean, fresh, visibly rejuvenated and healthy-looking skin. The fine nylon bristles of the cleansing brush are designed to remove make-up and everyday impurities including excess oil and sebum, dirt and other impurities like pollution particles, to leave the skin prepared for optimal absorption of your skin care products.MORE EFFECTIVE THAN MANUAL CLEANSING – CLINICALLY PROVEN!∆ Size: Diameter 4.77 cm. Materials: PP with nylon bristles.Skin-Refining SILICONE EXFOLIATING HEAD Incredibly soft yet deep cleansing and exfoliation to reveal a smoother, more refined skin texture with visibly minimised pores. The soft, silicone exfoliating head lifts away dead skin cells and other accumulated debris, visibly unclogging the pores, smoothing and refining the skin texture and helping to ensure optimal absorption and performance of your skin care products.SMOOTHER SKIN IN JUST 4 WEEKS – CLINICALLY PROVEN!∆ Size: diameter 5 cm. Materials: PP