Women Beauty LOTE Cosmetico Cosmetica Moisturizer Facial Face Moisturizing Anti-wrinkle


  • With this kit you can rest assured you like I did it, will restore the softness and natural glow on your skin from the first day, this anti-aging line the strength and your skin gradually elasticiad, delivering an immediate lifting effect, redefining your facial oval, suavisando wrinkles and devolviéndote Youth.
  • Keep a complete daily routine twice a day is 20 times more effective than clean and moisturize all days worth?
  • In 12 Weeks has 70% improvement in the elasticity of your skin, feel soft, smooth, radiant and more taut
  • Cleaning Set includes: Creamy, Toner, eye contour gel, concentrated serum, treatment of day, night treatment
  • Clinically tested: effective results by following the routine using the serum both day and night.


The set includes: Creamy cleaning, tonic in gel, eye contour serum Concentrated, treatment of day, night treatment. Clinically tested: Effective Results following the routine using the serum both day and night.Step 1: Creamy cleaning that purifies and removes dead cells of the skin. With extract of plant stem cells. Apply on wet face and neck day and night, massage and rinse. Step 2: tonic in gel, clean tones and purifies the skin while leaving it moist and nurtured in depth by boosting cell renewal. Step 3: The skin of the contour of your eyes is extremely sensitive and requires specific care. The eye contour is formulated to treat the loss of elasticity and density of this area. Significantly reduces wrinkles thanks to the production of collagen, fill in the wrinkles from the inside. Apply morning and evening a small double-tap of inside outside with the ring finger because it makes less pressure on this sensitive area of your skin. Eye: Do not apply on eyelids. Step 4: Serum, Power The properties of the treatments of day and night. It is extremely important that you apply to daily before the day and night cream. Step 5: Hydrates and nourishes with your day treatment that prevents the fotoenvejecimiento of the skin thanks to its protection factor SPF 15 with anti-aging regenerating formula with extract of mothers plant cells which increases the production of collagen, fills wrinkles from the inside and fight against their appearance. Apply on the upward Serum with a gentle massage all over the face and neck every morning. Step 6: The Night Wrinkle Treatment fills wrinkles while you sleep, important that you applique on the serum to enhance their properties and penetrate deeply into your skin thanks to its vegetable extract stem cells. Always apply with massages uplinks in face and neck every night.