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  • The Top 5 Hotels In London

    The Top 5 Hotels In London

    1: The Landmark London The Landmark London is located at 222 Marylebone Road, directly across from the Marylebone Tube Station. It is a short distance from the theatre district of London The Landmark London is known for its beauty and use of gothic architecture. You will find many gothic icons, as well as a large eight-story glass atrium. The d├ęcor of this popular hotel is defined as having a cross between Eastern influences and British authenticity. Room amenities include a free newspaper, air conditioning, refrigerator, telephone, television, daily maid service, safe, balcony, mini-bar, and a private fireplace. As for hotel amenities, they include free high-speed internet, swimming pool, a health club, and hot tub, just to name a few. As for what guests had to say, many cannot wait…

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