Tourist Attractions of the World

Tourist Attractions of the World

Tourist Attractions of the World


As Francis Bacon famously said once, ‘Travel is a Part of Education’, it is surely a major part of education. Traveling to the various tourist attractions in the world helps you not only view the structures and buildings but also helps you delve deep into the character of the place, the history of the place as well as the nature of the people inhabiting the particular city. In order to have an idea of the top tourist attractions of the world you need to focus on the areas that have diverse aspects to offer and this can make your journey of the world more fulfilling.

Beaches – If you are a beach lover, you have too many options to satiate your appetite. While the banks of the Asian sea waters like, the Bali or Goa Beaches, offer you breathtaking natural landscape, the beaches of South America, like, San Clemente del Tuyú, and the Playas de las Toninas, ooze wilderness in greens and waters; Europe’s sea beaches, like, the ones along the Mediterranean or the Tirreno or the Adriatic or the Ionic Seas, generally tend to be signed by glamour and the elite presence; and the Caribbean beaches like that of Jamaica, Antigua are places to be in if you are looking to enjoy pristine glory of nature amidst serene atmosphere of sparkling clean warm waters.

Mountains – In case mountains are the ones that beckon while you decide to travel, you again have a whole lot of tourist attractions on offer. Hike up the slopes of Himalayas in Asian subcontinent, take a trip to the snow capped Alps through Switzerland, make a tour of the Rockies in Canada, experience the Karakoram in Pakistan, the Great Dividing Range of Australia, Atlas of Africa, the Appalachian Mountains of North America, the Andes in South America – the list is endless. Some rocky, some verdant – any of these mountains can be a major treat to any traveler who looks to go to the hills in the minutest of opportunity that he gets.

Cuisine – One of the major tourist attractions is to taste the cuisine of a particular place. They say ‘you are what you eat’. There is major truth to this statement as the cuisine of a particular place helps you understand the character of the people there. The exotic Latin Americans and Spanish have a taste for spice and chilies and tomatoes in their dishes while the British love their food mostly bland and less spicy. The Muslims like to have really rich and oily food in biriyani and koftas and kebabs while the Orientals including the Chinese, Thai and Japanese like steamed or raw food like Sushi or raw fish – a hot favorite with people across the world today. The Americans, of course are game for junkies like pizzas, pastas, which are, again Italian originals that have taken the world by its wave.

Greens and wilds – Explore the jungles of Africa and Asia to savor your taste for the wild. Come face to face with the mammoth elephants or the giant lions; meet the Bengal tigers in India and Bangladesh; the predators of the Amazon rainforests; or check out the gorgeous rhinos, orangutans of Borneo region.

People – One way to bring the tourist attractions of a place to a full circle is to read the character of the people in the particular area. While the people of Latin America, France and India like to go for an afternoon nap or siesta; people of California, Berlin and Tokyo know how to worship work. While in a particular city or town, it is natural to check out the various cultural facets of the place and know about the music, theater, dance, instruments, art and architecture there.

Architecture – Check out the Louvre, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel tower, the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall, the Pyramids of Giza or the Great Wall of China, Westminster Abbey to know of the various great architectural creations and their specialties.

With a varied range of aspects to cover while you actually think of exploring the various tourist attractions of the world, you really have too much to complete viewing in one single year. Take time to check them out and have complete satisfaction of travel.


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