Venezuela Tourist Destinations for A Spectacular Holiday Tour

Venezuela Tourist Destinations for A Spectacular Holiday Tour

Venezuela Tourist Destinations for A Spectacular Holiday Tour


Venezuela is a tropical country situated in South America. It is home to white sand beaches, arid desert, beautiful landscapes, historical monuments, diverse flora and fauna. Venezuela tourist destinations lack monotony and each of them is unique in its feature.

Caracas is the financial and political capital of Venezuela. Here you can enjoy the cable car ride and have the view of the city from above. Some of the significant tourists spots are; the historic birthplace of “the George Washington of South America” Simon Bolivar, National Capitol Building, the Cathedral and the Hotel Humboldt. Caracas is one of the major Venezuela tourist destinations.

Angel falls, which is situated at Canaima National Park in Guayana is 979 meters in height. It is also known as Salto Angel. It is best to visit this place during rainy seasons in order to have a nice view of the falls. It is a common site for canoeing and boating activities. Angel Falls is one of the most beautiful Venezuela tourist destinations.

Andes Mountain is one of the significant Venezuela tourist destinations. It is spread across the states of Tachira, Trujillo and Merida. The mountain is spectacular in view and is one of the best examples of the beauty which the nature has to offer.

Iglesia de San Francisco is a holy site in Venezuela the interiors of which display colonial architecture. The special attraction of this site includes the baroque altars. Los Roques is a national park which was created in 1972. It provides protection to the marine ecosystem. This place boasts of coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds and beautiful underwater flora and fauna which are of immense beauty.

Cuava del Guacharo, which is 12 kilometers away from Caripe is the country’s largest cave. Inside this cave you will find a river as well as creatures like the spiders, nocturnal birds, mice and crabs. Isla de Margarita is home to beaches and forests. It is visited by tourists who like scuba diving, trekking, swimming and hiking. You can even buy souvenirs at the trendy shops at the City of Porlamar. Museo Bolivariano is a historical site at Caracas. It has collection of many historical items and materials such as the artifacts related to Venezuela’s independence.

Venezuelan food is unique and distinctive. Some of the popular dishes of Venezuela are: Arepas (bread made from ground corn, water, salt filled with eggs, shrimp or anything), Cachito (hot croissant filled with chopped ham or cheese), Hervido (soup made of chunks of beef, chicken or fish and native vegetables or roots) and many more.


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