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The Alaska Inside Passage Cruise


An Alaska Inside Passage cruise is perhaps the most popular of all the itineraries any cruise line has to offer because of its spectacular and unbeatable scenery. This area of Alaska is also known as the Panhandle because of its history as an active center of gold mining. This is only one of the historic moments you will learn about when you visit this incredibly beautiful part of the state. Inside Passage cruises depart only from Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver.

This Alaska Inside Passage cruise is almost always taken as a round trip from Seattle or Vancouver and this is just one more reason it is as popular as it is. Economical round trip airfare to and from either of these cities is extremely affordable for any travel budget. The duration of this passage option is seven days on average and this is enough time to get a great taste of all there is to see within this part of Alaska. If you are looking for a longer cruise they are sometimes offered out of California but the extra three to four days are generally spent at sea, therefore this extra time is time spent aboard the ship and not within Alaska. On the other hand shorter cruises of four to five days are offered as well from Klondike Cruise tours directly within Alaska.

Let’s go through what an average Alaska Inside Passage cruise itinerary would include. Your first day is often spent cruising through the Inside Passage of Alaska and taking in the sights of breathtaking glaciers, mountains and wildlife of all kinds. You will then spend the next three to four days exploring different cities and ports of Alaska including Juneau, Skagway, Misty Fjord, Glacier Bay National Park and several others. Your final day is spent retracing your path to your port of origin.

If you are debating on a family cruise vacation, it is not uncommon for families to travel to Alaska this way. There is a great deal for children to see and learn about this part of the United States and many of the land excursions are child friendly which makes for a great family vacation.

The best time of year to take an Alaska Inside Passage cruise is anywhere from the beginning of April until the end of September. This is when the weather is most agreeable and wildlife is everywhere to see. The migration of the whales is one sight many travelers never forget when they take this cruise during the spring months of the year. Always consider the time of year you choose to travel so you will be sure to see the sights you want to be able to see.

There is nothing like an Alaska Inside Passage cruise, especially if you are interested in seeing something truly different. Take in air so fresh you will feel like you have never breathed before, see mountains that go on for miles and miles and witness whales leaping from the sea and bears lumbering along the shore. Really see nature for the first time when you visit Alaska. An Alaska Inside Passage cruise is one you will want to take again and again because there is so much to see–seven days is just not enough!


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