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The Joys of European Adventure Travel


European Adventure Travel come in the form of trekking, walking, skiing, cycling and rafting in France to the cooking schools and cultural cities of Tuscany.

It’s surprisingly easy to get off the beaten track in Europe and find yourself amongst fields of lavender or the white villages of Andalucía, staying in small, family hotels and guesthouses or more glamourous chateaux.

Or discover the UK, from Yorkshire to Wales, London to Edinburgh we’ve got some great spots to explore right here at home and all of them offer superb European adventure travel opportunities.

Europe is home to outstanding trekking, biking, river sports and skiing opportunities regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert and some of the best places to go to try your hand at these are Spain for horse riding, the French Alps for skiing and Italy for hiking. However, for unspoilt landscapes and more affordable European adventure travel opt to visit Eastern Europe. Here you will find fantastic cycling in Slovakia, unspoilt hiking routes in Romania and canoeing in Poland.

Or for the ultimate in winter activities and outstanding natural beauty head Northern Europe because where else in the world could you spot brown bears, swim with orcas, watch for blue whales, see polar bears, marvel at the Northern Lights, witness the Midnight Sun, stay in an ice hotel, and take a reindeer ride to Santa’s grotto? Here you can visit Norway for dog sledding, Sweden to stay in an ice hotel, Iceland to trek amidst volcanoes, Finland for exhilarating downhill skiing and the Faroes Islands for an island-hopping tour unlike any other.


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