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Beckenham is a small town which is situated within London Borough, Bromley in England. Beckenham was initially referred to as Bacheham however the name Beckenham derives from Beohha’s Homestead or Farmhouse which is also known as Beohhan-ham in Old English. The Beck River that flows through this area is named after Beckenham. This town has remained a substantial town until the introduction of railways and also the Crystal Palace. John Cator the person behind transforming a small village into a significant town in the 17th century. ST George Church that is located at the heart of Beckenham possesses a 13th century lichgate which is said to be one of the oldest lichgates in England.

Nearby Tourist Attractions –

There are several famous nearby tourist attractions which include Crofton roman Villa, Eltham Palace, Chislehurst Caves, Horniman Museum & Garden, National Maritime Museum, Morden Hall Park, Bromley Museum, The Dome, Design Museum, Royal Artillery Museum and Pumphouse Educational Museum. Beckenham also has some important places which are quite famous such as Chinese Garage, Kelsey Park, South Norwood Country Park, Croydon Road Recreation Ground, Beckenham Place Park, St George’s Parish Church and Beckenham Crematorium.

South Norwood Country Park

South Norwood Country Park is situated close to the Elmer’s End Railway Station in South Norwood in the Borough of Croydon. Spread over 50 hectares of green space this park was opened in the year 1989. This area was previously used for sewage farms providing the developing population of London. The Croydon Sports Arena which the home for Croydon Football Club is situated on the southern edge of this park. There is even a visitor center and a car park that holds annual open days that includes guided walks, skittle alley, refreshments, pole lathe demonstration and face painting in order to raise consciousness for this park.

Kelsey Park

Kelsey Park is one of the biggest parks located the town of Beckenham in the borough of Bromley in South London. There is a memorial tree which is planted on October 1007 in this park and is dedicated to Ben Hitchcock who was killed on 23rd June 2007. There is a college in Beckenham which is usually named after the Kelsey Park.

Croydon Road Recreation Ground

Croydon Road Recreation Ground is said to be a public park situated in Beckenham in the borough of Bromley. This public park is just adjacent to one of the famous Beckenham Hospital and features a bandstand, a bowling green, café and few other facilities. In the year 1902, a first airmail flight of UK left from this park and traveled to Calais by a hot air balloon.

Chinese Garage

Chinese Garage Building is a garage and was previously used to be a petrol station. This garage is located just close by to the Kelsey Park in the borough of Bromley. Designed by Edmund Clarke and built in 1928, this Chinese Garage building is in fact in the Japanese Pagoda style. This garage received the award for one of the best petrol stations in the year 1939 which was organized by Daily Express.


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