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If I Say London, You Say Big Ben

London is always going to be famous for the Big Ben Clock Tower. It is the first thing that comes in the minds of most people when they hear the place London. It was built back in 1858 then started to operate on September 7, 1859. The name Big Ben is believed by many to have originated from the name Benjamin Hall. He was the man who first ordered the bell.

Many people have mistaken the Big Ben as the entire tower. But it is actually the bell that was hung in the tower. This bell weighs 14 tons and is at the very top of the clock tower. The original bell that was created cracked, however it was restored and built to forestall any more cracks.

The clock has a diameter of 23 feet, and it was the biggest clock at the time it was constructed. It was designed by a man named Edmund Beckett Denison. It was built to be very reliable. It was made in a way that it can be protected from very bad weather and climate changes. There are rare instances though that it will slow down a bit. But it has already proven its reliability as it withstood the blitz from World War II.

The Westminster Palace

The Big Ben Clock Tower is part of the Westminster Palace, which is a house of royalty and the place where kings resided back in the days. The palace is also known as the House of Parliament. The Palace of Westminster consists of more than 1000 rooms and has very long corridors that range to up to two miles.

British Parliament sessions are held here and when there is an ongoing session, a light glows above the clock tower. The locals in London are allowed to view these sessions. However you will need a ticket from a Lord before you can enter the palace.

A Great Tourist Spot

If you are planning to visit London, then you definitely need to see the Big Ben and have a glimpse of England history. Though the Clock Tower is not open to the public, there are certain spots around the tower where you can get a beautiful view of the famous Big Ben. There are many shops and restaurants that are located nearby that has a good view so you can just pick one that can satisfy you.

You can also watch a session of a British Parliament for free. It is most of the time included in sightseeing tours. However it is not open all year long and is usually available during the summer.

Aside from the famous clock tower, there are a lot of other attractions nearby like the London Eye Millennium Wheel. So visiting this great tourist spot will be really worth your while.

New Year Celebrations

People in the UK come to the Big Ben Clock Tower before a new year begins. They wait until the clock strikes 12 midnight. Once the New Year arrives, fireworks go off and the chimes of the bell will be heard to welcome the year with people around celebrating. Radio stations as well as TV stations are there to broadcast the tune of its chimes.

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