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Top 5 Famous Destinations in This World


Let me recommend you top five famous places of our world. These places which are to be discussed below are popular among tourists for their heavenly experiences. These places are equally enjoyable for young and old alike!

Kefalonia and Ithaka, Greece: Greece is an amalgamation of old and modern art and architecture. The spectacular beaches, deep blue water, volcanic peak etc. Kefalonia and Ithaka Islands are one of the best and popular destinations in the world. These islands offer unlimited adventure activities like walking down the beach, playing with splashing waves, scuba diving or just enjoying the calmness of crystal clear water, or behold the ancient Greek and valiant past of the country. An experience of life time!

Ireland:If green meadows, beautiful lakes, spectacular beaches, exquisite castles and fine wine fascinate you, then Ireland is a place for you. The natural Irish beauty mesmerize tourist completely. And if adventure travel attracts you, there are loads of activities you can enjoy like hiking, horse riding, mountain biking etc. There are cheap tickets available to Ireland also. An adventure of life time!

Tuscany, Italy:Tuscany is situated in central Italy. Once you arrive here, you can also visit neighboring regions like Florence, Siena, and Pisa of Italy. Tuscany has a pleasant weather with lush green beauty, fine castles, and well-known Italian cuisines. A nice place for your family vacation!

Fiji Islands:the island named Fiji is located in the south west of Pacific Ocean. These Islands are one of the most famous beach spot in the world. The place is ideal for Honey moon holidays. Fiji has large number of coral reefs. Scuba diving and other water adventure sports are also available for adventure seeker. The must visit place in Fiji is Viti Levu, famous beach resorts and thick tropical forests.

Barcelona, Spain:The Spanish city of Barcelona is no doubt an artist’s dream land. The city is famous for its many popular historical heritage site which dates back to medieval times. The city is home of the art galleries of well-known artist like Picasso, Gaudi etc. The city has number of eminent museums like National Museum of art of Catalonia, Archeology museum of Catalonia etc. Football is a part of lifestyle of Barcelona and if you like this lifestyle, Barcelona is a place for you!


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